Caroline Misner

This is my latest and proudest achievement. It took three long years but it's finally available for sale on Amazon and all other fine booksellers. 

"The Spoon Asylum" is now available for Pre-order through Amazon.  It will be released May 1 2018.  This book is one of my most proudest achievements.  Thanks to everyone who helped me along and made it all possible.

This was my first stand alone publication.  Many thanks to Fawn Neun and all the good people at Vagabondage Press for giving me my first big break.

This was my first publication with Whiskey Creek Press, a YA fantasy of Vala Hide and her mystical bond with the unicorns.

The is the sequel to "The Alicorn".  Vala's continuing adventures to the Land of Nomar.  A third novel in the series is in the works.

My poem about love is in this wonderful anthology by Fawn Neun and Vagabondage Press.

Many years ago Camille Rankin approached me asking permission if one of my poems "Dahlia in the Window" could be included in her anthology.  I responded with a resounding YES! Kudos to Camille for doing such a wonderful job!

For my fortieth birthday, my father gave me this collection of my poetry illustrated with his photography.  What a special gift!